Welcome to the members section of our website. Here we aim to provide useful general information on all aspects of Aikido. You will find here a information on membership, a glossary of terms, dojo etiquette, salutations and more.

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Important Information on Membership

It is a requirement of Shun Poo Kan that unless you already belong to a recognised organisation and have the appropriate insurance, you will need to become a member. This means that you are insured to practice at any of our dojos and also at any other British Aikido Board recognised organisations.

Membership is compulsory for continued practice but we do not expect you to join immediately. Therefore we allow a 4-week grace period in which you can decide if you wish to join. However, once this period has passed, you will not be allowed to continue to practice unless you become a member.

Your membership is renewable every 12 months and you will be notified one month prior to expiry.